The Parselmouths currently have two self-produced full length albums out.

“Illegal Love Potion” -June, 2007

*this album is part of the EP of the Month Club, but we’re calling it a full length album.

1. Illegal Love Potion
2. It’s Not Half Bad (remix)
3. Myrtle’s Always There
4. Love Song for Professor Lupin
5. In Which Green is the Best Color
6. Quidditch is My Favorite Sport
7. Prerequisites
8. I Went With Draco to the Yule Ball
9. Where is Draco?
10. Who Are These Boyz?
11. Who is Blaise Zabini?
12. Oh Dumbledore

“Sssss” – October, 2006

1. Hey Guys (Intro)
2. The Parselmouths Say Hello
3. Being in Slytherin is Not Half Bad
4. Eat Slugs
5. Kicking House Elves
6. Daddy’s Tattoo
7. Life’s Unfair
8. Two Classes
9. Let’s Get Hagrid Fired
10. What Kind of Name is Hermione?
11. Shut Down SPEW
12. When You’re a Parselmouth
13. I’ve Been Dead for Fifty Years
14. Hermione (Acoustic)

We sold out of this limited edition sampler CD that has songs from both albums, called “Broken Hearted Slytherins”. This album was sold primarily at Phoenix Rising 2007.


We are the Parselmouths! We write songs about Harry Potter from a Slytherin point of view. We hope you enjoy the world of wizard rock.

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The Parselmouths do not have permission from from J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros, nor have they been approved or liscensed. They do not claim to own the right to the word "Parselmouth", or any other aspect of Harry Potter.

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