Ever wanted to know more about Kristina and Brittany of the Parselmouths? Then you have come to the right place. They are two best friends (though we have been asked countless times if we’re twins) from Seattle that love to make music.

Kristina – 20 years old. -The Fun One
Vocals and lyrical genious.

Brittany – 20 years old. – The Weird One
Backup vocals and guitar/rhythmic genious.

They started The Parselmouths back in 2004 when they attended their first Harry and the Potters concert at the University Bookstore in Seattle, WA. Both being big Harry Potter fans and musicians, the two girls decided to try their hand at “wizard rock” from the perspective of (what else?) Slytherin girls.

A few other ideas tossed around included the Moaning Myrtles or the Pansy Parkinsons, but Kristina and Brittany both agreed it would be best not to confine themselves to one character. They liked the idea of being the Parselmouths because they could not only build their own characters, but they could write about virtually anything they wanted. Now two years have passed and they’re still happy with their decision, and are awed at the growth of Wizard Rock in general.

At times they have been accused of writing themselves into the Harry Potter world (through their songs) as “Mary Sues” (perfect characters generally written into fanfiction that tend to get perfect grades, adoration from all the boys, and usually end up being Hermione’s cousin or the heir of Ravenclaw or dating Harry Potter himself) but they would like to stomp this rumor out. They admit their grades are lousy, that Harry Potter doesn’t pay any attention to them, and that they’re not really hardcore Deatheaters or You-Know-Who’s right hand women.

The premise of the band was to create and portray very real Slytherin girls because to them, Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Bullstrode are very two dimensional, and Kristina and Brittany wanted to try to give depth to a house that is usually slammed for just being a bunch of spoiled rich kids. They have put themselves into the Harry Potter world as silly, boycrazy, mean Slytherin girls, but the Parselmouths hope that you’ll see the deeper message in a lot of their songs. Just as Draco showed his weakness in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Kristina and Brittany of the Parselmouths try to show that Slytherins aren’t all just evil.

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We are the Parselmouths! We write songs about Harry Potter from a Slytherin point of view. We hope you enjoy the world of wizard rock.

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The Parselmouths do not have permission from from J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros, nor have they been approved or liscensed. They do not claim to own the right to the word "Parselmouth", or any other aspect of Harry Potter.

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